Project Team

The Team met and formulated the project at the Neuromorphic Ideation Workshop of the Volkswagen Foundation (Einbeck, 2022). We got a generous funding in the framework of the Volkswagen Foundation's NEXT call that particularly support junior researchers in early independence and provide interdisciplinary collaborations for next generation neuromorphic computing devices.

Dr. Brigitta Dúzs

Johannes Gutenberg University
Mainz, Germany

Brigitta has a background in chemical reaction networks (CRNs), spatiotemporal reaction-diffusion patterns, and integration of pH autocatalytic and DNA-based CRNs into hydrogels. In this project she leads the design, synthesis and micropatterning of photoswitch-functionalized hydrogels, and integrates more complex CRNs into them.

Dr. Alessio Lugnan

University of Trento
Trento, Italy

Alessio is specialized in efficient machine learning (ML) based on photonic hardware, experimental dataset measurement and processing, complex dynamical systems, and plastic networks. In this project he builds a setup for free-space optical data processing through hydrogel, and algorithms to carry out the targeted ML applications.

Dr. Javier Porte Parera

University of Strathclyde
Glasgow, UK

Javier's expertise includes photonic neural networks, nanophotonic emitters, complex laser dynamics, and 3D printed photonic waveguides. In this project he leads the hardware-implementation of a photonic neural network with fully programmable synapses based on the hybrid integration of optoelectronic and photochemical units.